About us

We, Esther and Emiliano, founded the sustainables in 2019. We wanted to make a change in our household by reducing waste and being more conscious about the use of plastic. We discovered that it was not easy to find sustainable household products which at the same time looked good, but we could not believe that it was needed for sustainable products to give in on the design! With our background in Product Development (Esther) and in Sales & Marketing (Emiliano), we bundled our forces and started our own well-designed and sustainable range of products!

We believe that if everyone would make a little difference in their own everyday lives, this would have a huge impact on the environment.

We believe that we can build a better world for future generations by reducing one time use products

We want to make the world a better place by offering fashionable household products which replace one time use plastic

Make the difference, be the change
One sustainable world for the future 
Every little step adds up to huge results
There is no planet B
Be fair, preserve the nature