Three Easy Eco-friendly Tips For Lazy People!

Three Easy Eco-friendly Tips For Lazy People!

| Maddalena D'Apolito

Ready to make a small effort for a good cause? If you care about the planet, here are some of the things you can do for a greener life. You can do it, even if watching series is your favourite activity.

We are not asking you to become the new Greta Thunberg, we just want to show you how a small change can make a huge difference. So we've put together a few tips of the things you can do to live green and to keep your personal energy consumption levels down. 

Living more sustainably is one of those goals you should follow in 2021, even if we know that it costs a bit of effort. We know that the idea of putting effort into the (right) cause may discourage you, especially if you are either lazy or too busy and if you are scared of adding tasks, even if only mental, to your daily, monthly, yearly calendar.

Here is the only effort required: to read this below and then to just shop more aware.

Trying to get rid of single plastic consumption is less challenging than you think. It is actually perfect for you who are lazy or too busy. Today we are not here to tell you to make a drastic change and don't buy anything made of plastic anymore, but to encourage you to try to eliminate the unnecessary. 

If you feel like you are as lazy as a sloth in terms of environmental commitments, here 3 points, which we have outlined for you that you can follow in 2021: 

In your kitchen:

- Buy more loose and less packaged,
- Try to have a more plant-based diet,
- Replace single use with reusable products, like glass bottles, reusable Snack Bags for your food at home,but also “to go”, bee wax, reusable tissue, reusable coffee and tea cups & more. 

In your bath:

- Buy solid products: We are well aware that this is a big change that needs to be made, because a solid shampoo certainly looks and feels different, foams less than a liquid shampoo, and costs differently. To start with, simply swap the liquid soap (which comes in plastic packaging) for a regular bar of soap,
- If you're feeling fit and energetic today reading this, why not consider the possibility of “refill?” Swap the numerous 50cl plastic bubble bath bottles for the 2-litre refill ones, 75% less plastic, that you can keep refilling, 
- Make your bath your tropical dream come true: Feel on holiday and relax every time you enter your bathroom, without having to stress about organising the travel, leaving, getting on an airplane, etc. Buy lots of plants and make your bathroom green -- in the truest sense of the word. 

In general, in your home: 

- From your comfy couch you can sort your waste: it is the duty of everyone to be informed about how to sort waste correctly. All it takes is a little bit of care and precision, or even a quick Google search from your couch. Once you know where to put the yoghurt pot and whether or not to wash it, the job is done.
- Just one click (again) from your couch: electronic devices in your home produce a huge amount of GHGs (greenhouse gases) when left on stand-by. When you're done using your tablet or laptop, it's best to turn it off. When you're exhausted from your serie marathon, it's best to make sure your TV doesn't have the little red light on, as well as other household devices. To follow the rule of minimum spending (in effort) with maximum yield (in results), get multiple sockets with switches to which you can connect all your household appliances or technological devices. And then it's just a click away. 
- From your sofa to your fridge: here are a few little tricks that really cost you zero, especially on your bill at the end of the month. Don't leave the fridge open for too long, don't leave the windows open while the heating is on and turn off the water while you brush your teeth, you wash hands thoroughly or even when you're washing the dishes. At the end of the month you will have lower bills to pay. Trust us! This is a win-win situation!

        Either you are already doing this in your daily life or not, you will see how easy it is to be more sustainable and to be respectful to our planet. Making a few changes in your life will bring big changes to the world. Then somehow you will realize how the will to make changes will come with time, as your habits become more and more eco-friendly.

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        Take part to the green Revolution - one snack bag at the time!


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